We aim to bring real-life and DeFi together with DefiConnect by building real-world applications of DeFi in digital marketing, healthcare, transportation, and logistics.

We are building a platform that will give digital marketers direct access to their target audience who are paid for their attention, referrals, and patronage.
With this platform, advertisers will no longer pay for fake audiences but a ready community that will in turn become their sales army.
Our multi-level marketing (MLM) launchpad gives institutions the ability to create a campaign and allow our users to serve as sales agents using the power of their network. Users don’t have to worry about the validity of these institutions as we will be responsible for the background check and the reward system is coded as a smart contract on the blockchain network to take advantage of its immutability. All rewards are paid in $DFC. The budget of the campaign is locked from the beginning and will be paid to the participants once the condition is fulfilled. The leftover/unused budget is refunded to the institution at the end of the campaign.

DefiConnect is also bringing DeFi to healthcare by building a decentralized health insurance marketplace where providers can list their packages for subscribers to buy. Packages that accept $DFC as means of payment will enjoy free listing, and users that pay with $DFC will enjoy a discount.
We are also building a health tracker that tracks the activities of users and rewards them in $DFC for healthy living.

A beginner’s first step into the DeFi space. Real-world application of DeFi in healthcare, transportation, and logistics! https://deficonnect.tech/,