BitMart to List #DFC | DFC to 10x | ANOTHER MOON IS HERE…

2 min readOct 21, 2021

Call it another Shiba Inu and you might be right

A digital ecosystem designed for staking and borrowing digital assets, deficonnect is a blockchain-based network that connects applications, individuals and businesses with customized financial services within a simple, trusted environment.

Founded with the sole aim of addressing the countless challenges faced by individuals, investors and entrepreneurs, deficonnect is building an ecosystem that will facilitate seamless access between all parties.

More than just trading on exchanges, (DFC) which serve as a confluence into incentives rarely experienced in other ecosystems was naturally built to stretch the domains of cryptocurrency beyond just financial transactions.

With giant leaps within the past few weeks, we are leaving no stone unturned towards our mission to demystify the entire crypto space.

Since listing on Latoken exchange on August the 27th, we have gone ahead to list on four (5) other major platforms which include Coinmarketcap, Pancakeswap, Coingecko, Hotbit , Coinsbit bringing it to a total of six (6) major listing in 2 months..

Impressive you say!

Investors have been left in awe at the massive rise in value during its most recent listing after it doubled to over 300% in profits leaving doubters with regrets.

Our development team of experienced professionals have shown no signs of slowing down as they have promised to change the narrative by ensuring that every investor continues to benefit massively from this movement.

Here is the big news..

Another massive shoot in profit is set to happen in a few days as We will be going live on our biggest exchange platform in recent times, BITMART.

BitMart has over 5 offices in different cities across the globe with eight (8) different language translations, unlike Hotbit with has just 4 languages.

Surely, this would not only increase the value of this project but would give it a wider reach in coverage and global relevance

Expectations are high as investors have started filling their bags in preparation for another potential pump in price value.

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