DeFiConnect births her Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Launchpad

2 min readJul 27, 2021

Now you can launch a competent Smart Contract-Based MLM, Crowd Funding and Referral Program on our Platform. Scale your business with our Decentralized Protocol that is secure, transparent, permissionless, and completely autonomous. Our most vibrant and fruitful community awaits to welcome you.

At DeFiConnect, we have developed an immaculate Smart Contract-Based MLM platform service to enable companies to bring onboard their multi level marketing structures, crowd funding and referral programs. This is your best bet to succeed in your MLM business and other fields in the financial services industry.

Thanks to the inception of DeFiConnect and $DFC, a completely unique and new perspective has been added to enable you to succeed by leveraging on the vastness and vibrancy of our Community. The DeFiConnect Community is one of the fastest growing digital communities with a token (DFC) that has beautiful prospects and potentials on the floor of the cryptocurrency market.

Eminent features or benefits of our Platform to our Community is that we shall run a KYC (Know Your Customer) on all and any Clientele Companies. We shall identify and verify the identities of the client in which a series of controls shall be applied in order to

  • Get a better understanding of the potential company’s activities and determine whether or not these are of legal nature,
  • Evaluate the possibility of money laundering risks associated with the particular company, and
  • To safeguard our community members against fraudulent schemes.

The Most Important Rule for the Launchpad is the Mandatory Security Check which shall be at an affordable Token (DFC) rate. This security check is the proof of protection to our Community members of the credibility of the business and Company.

To our esteemed Community members, the coming on board of these companies shall expand our membership base, increase the demand of DFC, increase utilization of all other applications and generally increase the value of the DFC. It is a leap of development.

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DeFiConnect is a community of unlimited opportunities to meet your financial dreams, desire and destination (DDD). Key into Our MLM Launchpad today and get closer to meeting your DDD.




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