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Authored by: Sophia Oghene

4th February 2022: Deficonnect, an A-list crypto currency company known for its jaw dropping use cases that directly relates to a lot of real world applications. In addition to buying, selling and investing crypto, Deficonnect helps her investors earn, spend and learn about crypto, as well as providing payment ease and the visualization of spending DFC token as dollars, speeding up crypto adoption whilst collecting other tokens using Defipay, a payment gateway wholly owned by the Deficonnect platform.

Mr. Anthony Ademu, CEO and Founder, Deficonnect, spent time to discuss the company’s prospect encouraging people to invest and watch the tremendous harvest it will wrought in less than 5years, “I am bringing in my over 12years of expertise in software engineering, building applications on healthcare and block chain technology world to the table and will not stop until DFC takes over the crypto market with tokens that are not as baseless as what is obtainable in the crypto world connecting crypto to numerous real world applications like logistics, healthcare, payment gateway and digital marketing.” He said.

“We have a little dive into Metaverse and NFT partnering with gaming companies to build Game-fi where all the gaming characters are NFTs. The land and scene where the game takes place is NFT. So, one can borrow and lease an NFT to use in the Game-fi and as this happens they actually earn token reward. We have unveiled the website and the code name is DELTA7.” said Anthony, CEO and founder Deficonnect.

Do you have any partnership?

“Not exactly, there is no big partner but as more of our utility is being applied we will. We started the project on community basis but we have a team of workers who are partners and they have their hands on deck in various aspect of the project building every product we are bringing into the ecosystem. We have over twenty five (25) skilled personnel handling different aspects from product designers, User experience designers, core developer, people in marketing, to community management and so on and so forth.” said Mr. Anthony.

Is your token already launched?

Mr. Anthony didn’t hestitate to mention all of the projects listings so far. In his words “Yes, we are already launched. The token is on Coinmarket cap, CoinGecko and we are listed on five centralized exchange: Pancakeswap, Latoken, Bitmart, Hotbit and Coinsbit and most recently Bitrue.”

Are you following your roadmap?

“Yes, we are following the roadmap carefully and what we have on our homepage right now is the plan for 2022. The overall plan is there but 2022 plan is what we are following divided into several quarters. Majority of the things we have to do in the first quarter have been actualized like the listing on an exchange and all. We are following the road map carefully and achieving the goal gradually.” He said, laying emphasis on how focused the project is.

How does the Deficonnect Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Launchpad works?

On talking about the project Launchpad he that the idea is an out of the box one saying it is “ Not the usual Launchpad but an hybrid open for other projects to come in after going through our vetting process to launch on it utilizing our community and the tools we have like our marketing tools and the rest of them. This projects will use our payment gateway DEFIPAY and every project that comes on board must be in a smart contract that is audited by a certified platform going through security check and the visibility check of the promises the project has to offer so we don’t leave investors stranded like other platforms may do.”

How do you plan to educate the community particularly those who do have adequate digital skills?

“We go for physical meet ups to universities, schools and other available platform to educate people on crypto. Just recently team members from the marketing team where at a university and National Youth Service Corp were they held seminars on crypto world, block chain technology and the unending possibilities associated with it.” Mr. Anthony responded. “The team has also built an online hub called LEARN & EARN on telegram and whatsapp where all the basic crypto education ranging from installing trust wallet to transferring cryptocurrency from one wallet address to the other is been taught.” He went further to say.

How does the team manage its several use cases at once?

Answering this Mr. Anthony said “we have a team that is more than 25 core members, we have an good community and an army with lot of people that are there to educate and all our projects are in different departments and not all being handled at the same time. For example from last year tell now most efforts have been tilted to DEFIPAY- our payment gateway and development department has been doing lead generation to get the interest of the community and those that we want to use the product. While this is in progress we will bring in any other development that can happen concurrently due to available resources and different heads are handling all of this things.”

The team marketing tool DFCtipper which is a twitter bot having two version which one has been launched was created alongside the simultaneous working on DEFIPAY- our payment gateway, DELTA7-our metaverse gaming space amongst other use cases depending on available resources.

How is it possible to give back a whopping 190% on staking and how long do you intend doing this?

The built in staking and giving back of 190% has been stopped for now indefinitely. There is no entry for new farmers anymore. Farming and staking is no longer in progress.

Why can’t people unstake?

The purpose for which it was designed is to see that people actually stay for a given period of time and in exchange for that get huge reward. So, the contract is investors keep their fund in the contract for a given period. There is an amount you are assigned daily until you exhaust the entire 190% return.

How flexible is your project with the upcoming trend?

We are very flexible but focused. We just launched the metaverse aspect of our project-DELTA7 which involves gaming and currently bidding is going on for our unique NFTs coined from ancient African masquerade. We are following the trend but sticking to the main core of the project which has to do with bringing block chain to the mainstream by building it in different sectors.

What is your tokenomics and the total token?

Total supply of our token is 200trillion out of which we have already burnt 105 trillion. About 55% have been burnt as we speak but the burning process is still something that will continue at some point we will support other block chain platform. The utility side, there are no transfer fee and buy or sell fee because we are using it for payment services.

Where do you see the project in the next five years?

We have a target and we are working on it gradually. 20% of human needs will be solved with Deficonnect in the next five years e.g. buying something in a shop, logistics and healthcare. We are doing education to get mainstream into crypto and our products as household names.

What is the safety of investors and guarantee?

We are audited with CERTIK and SOLIDPROOF and before we have anyone come on our Launchpad it must pass through an audit process from a reputable firm to ensure the safety of our investors.

What programming language is the project based on and how safe is it against cyber security threats?

“The token is on the Binance smart chain. We have products written in golangs and also very experienced personnel with great technical know-how. We follow industry practice such as pair programming, code review and vetting that will ensure there are no loopholes or threat built within the system also employing our professional penetration testers. We have those using node GS, Golang- a powerful tool used by most block chain technology projects, web stack generally is there for front end and back end.” said Anthony.

What is the project revenue generation process for investors?

“You buy and hold our token and the utility products we are building will actually help the value of the token to grow when they are in the market. When you hold NFTs from the DELTA7 as people play to earn you actually get token reward for being a holder of the NFT being utilized.” said Anthony.

How do you intend generating liquidity when there is no buy and sell?

In answering the question Mr. Anthony said “We have thought of it but we do not want that because this will affect our payment gateway and we are more concerned about the utility side of our project. We have a healthcare platform being worked on seriously and the fees being generated from this real life applications will help the liquidity because that is what we intend selling.”

Do you have team that that will be able to combat the legal challenges faced with cryptocurrency in countries like Nigeria and how many unlocked tokens do you have?

Mr. Anthony went on to guarantee listeners that this wouldn’t pose as a challenge because the team is already working towards solving the problem. In his words “Yes, we have a legal have that is taking care of such concerns. Cryptocurrency is not banned in Nigeria but financial institutions are not allowed to interact with cryptocurrency companies. We are solving this problem by having an over the counter purchase system: buy and sell of cryptocurrency, P2P exchange as part of DEFIPAY where people can bring in their fiat. DEFICONNECT is registered in Nigeria and DEFIPAY is registered in the USA.”

In his last words, we have a big vision that we are working on gradually and if you are a part of this project right now that we are just getting started, you will get massive rewards eventually when the projects attains echelon height which is just a stepping stone away from us as we are aiming to become the very best in the crypto currency world. Thank you.




A beginner’s first step into the DeFi space. Real-world application of DeFi in healthcare, transportation, and logistics!,