4 min readFeb 2, 2022

Ihiala in Anambra State, Nigeria, January 27th 2022: Mr. Ayoola Fadirepo, Head of Marketing, Deficonnect, Miss. Sophia Oghene, Content Writer, Deficonnect and Mr. Emmanuel Mmaduabuchi, Professional Crypto trader/enthusiasts and team member Deficonnect in the Local Government Secretariat, Ihiala, released a brief lecture to corp members in the region on the advancement of blockchain technology and how the Deficonnect use cases ranging from DFCtiper, Defipay, Launchpad etc. can be applied into real life applications and as well help to create ease for its users while tackling the issues of unemployment facing most youths entering the country’s labour market as they utilize the project unending benefits.

A first of its kind marketing campaign for Deficonnect, a blockchain technology company surprisingly recorded massive attendance of about three hundred (300) corp members within the Local Government Area as they came out in their number to honor the event foreseeing the unequivocal tremendous life changing effect it will have on their lives both financially and otherwise. Trust me the event did not fall short of their expectations as the lecture spurred a lot of inquisitive minds during the question and answer session.

Highlighting some of the key things talked about during the brief seminar, Miss. Sophia Oghene, Content Writer, Deficonnect while introducing her colleagues said “Blockchain Technology is the future and Deficonnect is a major part of that future, anyone who is wise will seize the opportunity to leverage on her use cases at this early stage because the moon is not far-fetched from her next step.”

Mr. Ayoola Fadirepo, Head of Marketing, Deficonnect, went further to talk about how they can seize the amazing offer of DFCtiper for business advertisement, marketing and earning by performing simple task as well as the company’s free learning platform- LEARN AND EARN and its LAUNCHPAD. In his words “At Deficonnect we offer a system that allows you earn while you learn about digital assets and their use cases. We desire that you attain a comfortable level financially through a seamless learning experience that will open you up to mentorship by top experts who has your advancement in the world of blockchain technology as top priority harnessing all the endless possibilities the system has to offer.”

However, the use cases associated with Deficonnect are numerous, “with our Launchpad we are giving first five persons to come up with online multi-level marketing, crowd funding ideas etc. that will work an opportunity to launch it for free with the company’s maximum support. Another giant use case set to Launch in fullest which will no doubt takeover the entire crypto world is DEFIPAY- the African PayPal, a unique payment gateway from Deficonnect.” Mr. Ayoola also mentioned.

Speaking at the campaign, Mr. Emmanuel Mmaduabuchi, a professional crypto trader/enthusiasts and team member Deficonnect, said following a question asked “we are listed on quite notable exchanges ranging from Latoken, Pancakeswap, Hotbit etc. and currently set to take on Bitrue which is ranked one of the top fifty (50) exchanges worldwide based on traffic, liquidity, and trading volumes reported. This clearly states that we are more concerned about your confidence in investing with us, putting you first by providing easy access to our coins and other services we offer including our incoming metaverse platform- DELTA7.” He said.

With this the program came to an end while attendees registered by documenting their phone numbers, names and email address alongside light refreshment.




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