DeFiConnect Launches TOP TOKEN HUB: Vote and Gain System

DeFi Connect is a revolutionized digital community of people that is more than just a business platform. It is a blockchain and intelligent transaction platform that aims to provide hybrid benefits to its community members giving them all the benefits of cryptocurrency — decentralization, efficiency and security, and REAL-LIFE applications.

In fulfilling this mandate; DeFiConnect is willing to create a positive shift in the financial field, and social, and political transparency. This is to enable the industry to grow, expand and increase participation through the connection between crypto, global finance, and real-life impact.

Delving into the most powerful marketing platform yet in the history of our planet; digital marketing — we bring innovation to the table. A materialization of our community inspired drive to improve value, we have developed and now present… TOP TOKEN HUB!!!

Top Token Hub

DeFiConnect has birthed Top Token Hub. This is the first application of DeFiConnect in digital marketing. A platform that contains a list of Top crypto Assets. It offers a plug for project owners and advertisers to place their products for the ecosystem to see. The best there is in the industry. This activity by the project owner creates a channel for the esteemed members of the community to support the project and promote by way of voting the products. There is zero chance of product obscurity. It is simply digital summer every day with Top Token Hub.

The DeFiConnect Community (Users)

Users can up-vote for new and their favorite cryptocurrency projects. You earn $DFC every time you vote for a cryptocurrency. Voting for multiple coins is possible and increases your earnings. Your earned tokens can be used for other cryptocurrency functions in the ecosystem. You can vote for your currency every 24 hours.

Project Owners (Advertisers)

This is the newest pathfinder to accelerating the listing procedure. It offers Project Owners and Advertises an opportunity to use the platform to reach out to the crypto community on their cryptocurrencies, coins, or tokens. The presence of your assets on the community platform gives them light to be seen and attain the desired and deserved popularity and status in a very short time. This is because of our large community. You can choose to reward the community for interacting with your content using DFC. You are welcome!

You can use our pin-feature to promote your project by paying a token with the DFC token. Premium features are being developed that will enable users with DFC holdings to gain access. Advertisers can leverage this fascinating package to drive tremendous traffic of the digital community to their products. You are sure of our community patronage and interest.


This is a tip of an iceberg in the digital marketing application by DeFiConnect. Indeed, so many use-cases of DFC in just a single application. We are working on several platforms that will be launched on the DeFiConnect ecosystem. Stay with us and we are sure to meet on the moon!!!


A beginner’s first step into the DeFi space. Real-world application of DeFi in healthcare, transportation, and logistics!,

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A beginner’s first step into the DeFi space. Real-world application of DeFi in healthcare, transportation, and logistics!,