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Deficonnect ($DFC), a fast rising crypto currency with a unique use case wholly owned by the community. It is different from other coin because it is not only a crypto currency but also a network that offers varying use cases which helps to solve a lot of real life problems faced by individuals, business people and the global community at large because it is a metamorphosized digital community that offers its members access to a world of crypto currency and its ever growing advantages.

Key Results

Early in the year Deficonnect team released a roadmap which is available in our community telegram channel

· DELTA7 LAUNCH, is a virtual world on metaverse that allows gaming and earning. It utilizes the Deficonnect block chain using DFC as the platform token. On this metaverse world built by Deficonnect, players can build, own and of course monetize their experience as they play games. There are two ways to participate in DELTA7, you can either hold DFC or mint her NFTs. The team envisions a future where people decides what to do with their in-game items and characters. The system already incorporate a play to earn feature that rewards holders of the NFTs because if there is use of your minted NFT characters, then there is a token reward for you.

· LAUNCHPAD UPGRADE, we have improved on our Multi-level marketing (MLM) Launchpad to serve members of the ecosystem and anyone interested in the services we offer via the Launchpad better and for seamless navigation, making it clear on what projects that intend getting launched on our Launchpad must know as regards our vetting process.

· BITRUE LISTING, the entire DFC team is super excited to inform you that we are now listed on Bitrue which is ranked one of the top fifty (50) exchanges worldwide based on traffic, liquidity, and trading volumes reported. Bitrue is a reputable crypto currency trading platforms, one of the most legitimate out there which has equally listed most number of crypto currencies project. Listing on Bitrue, is a reminder that DFC is still committed to fulfilling her aim to be easily accessible by you and the entire financial global market.

· DFCTIPER AND DFCTIPER BUSINESS, Deficonnect births one of a kind token earning and visibility increasing software- DFCTIPER, a unique twitter bot built on telegram. It is an easy to use social media token earning and visibility increasing software that allows users to make lots of money by performing simple programmed tasks while also been able to tip the bot and get it to grow their social accounts, advertise and run a campaign. &

·DEFIPAY LAUNCH, the African PayPal, a unique payment gateway from Deficonnect. A strategic and highly innovative payment gateway worthy of accolades has been put together to serve you better. Be rest assured that the visualization of spending DFC token as dollars has been brought to life, speeding up crypto adoption. This DFC’s chief project has provided a system that eradicates the fiat transaction fees imposed by traditional banking system, card network and payment processors making most business free from volatile currency fluctuations and heavy bank charges.

The purpose of this release is to encourage analysts and incoming investors that the project is ready and constantly working towards becoming one of the biggest cryptocurrency out there with its numerous, highly applaudable and well-constructed real life use cases. This is not a small feat but we are challenged and overly ready to take on this mind-blowing step because of you. We desire to serve you better in 2022.




A beginner’s first step into the DeFi space. Real-world application of DeFi in healthcare, transportation, and logistics!,