1 min readFeb 1, 2023

Deficonnect’s DFCTipper announces a massive 100% increase in referral and task rewards

Attention all DFCTipper users! The team at Deficonnect is thrilled to announce a 100% increase in rewards for all tasks and referrals on DFCTipper, paid in DFC, the native token of the Deficonnect ecosystem. This means that you can now earn even more DFC by simply performing simple tasks such as tweeting, retweeting, joining telegram groups, liking posts, and more! Join DFCTipper and start earning now.

The goal of this increase is to encourage more people to join the DFCTipper community and spread the word about this exciting new way to earn rewards. With more users, we can provide even more opportunities for everyone to earn more rewards and grow our community.

This is an incredible opportunity for those who are looking to maximize their rewards and grow their DFC token portfolio. So, make sure to tell your friends, family, and followers about DFCTipper and the 100% increase in rewards paid in DFC!

So, what are you waiting for? Start earning more DFC today by joining the DFCTipper community on Telegram and participating in our various tasks and referral programs. Get started now and take advantage of this amazing offer before it’s too late!


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