DFC is on Coinsbit exchange

2 min readOct 11, 2021


Listing is a term used within the crypto currency space to explain a special phenomenon in which an exchange offers trading pairs for a particular asset. Simply put, a company’s shares are available to be traded on that particular stock exchange. When crypto currency projects are listed, it is of utmost importance because it enables them to reach their potentials as lack of exchange listings can pose as a hindrance to their growth. The level of trust from investors is heightened for a listed token because this shows that the company has moved above its starting point for financial and regulatory viability taking a step further to satisfy customers. This also proves the sufficiency in liquidity associated with the trading pair ability to form an accurate price discovery.


Our most valued customers, Deficonnect delights in keeping you aware of every step we take to serve you better. Therefore, the entire DFC team is super excited to inform you on Coinsbit listing of Deficonnect’s Token, DFC, which will take place on the 8th October 2021.
Coinsbit is a reputable crypto currency trading platforms, one of the most legitimate out there which has equally listed most number of crypto currencies project. Listing on Coinsbit, is a reminder that DFC is still committed to fulfilling her aim to be easily accessible by you and the entire financial global market.

Smart-Contract: 0x996c1bf72Ec220289ae0edd3a8d77080642121a2
Pairs: DFC/mUSDT

DFC has also taken a step further above the level of trading on exchanges but now serving as a connection into a lot of real life applications and opportunities like healthcare insurance, logistics and transportation using a specialized payment medium unique to her and which is inaccessible in other ecosystem crypto currency called Defipay.

More updates are available on our website, medium, twitter and telegram channel regarding Coinsbit listing of DFC tokens.


At Deficonnect, is all about putting you first and providing added reassurance to customers and investors. This is why even when one of the reasons for getting listed on top exchanges includes higher public profile for the company, DFC is even more passionate about providing you with ease of investing (planting) and also facilitating investors (planters) in the realization of their investment by access to trading in a liquid market that can be monitored by you at any given time.

It is because of this that we want to be easily accessible to the entire financial global market. Hence, DFC has been listed on;
Latoken, PancakeSwap, CoinMarket Cap, Hotbit, and CoinGecko

Becoming one of the largest crypto currencies out there is a feat that takes a lot of reliability. Your confidence in investing (planting) means a lot to us and that is why we are continuously levelling up our game for your convenience.




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