2 min readJul 21, 2021

You may be wondering what to make of DFC in the cryptocurrency sphere and whether it has a place in your portfolio. But if you’re not familiar with digital currencies or blockchain technology, this will be overwhelming and if you are not, allow the details to prick you.

Here’s our debrief to DFC, and why so many people are talking about it.

What is DFC?

DFC is the currency of DeFiConnect that’s digital and decentralized. It can be used to buy and sell things, and its potential to store and grow value would mean the attraction of DFC to many investors.

DFC is secure. DFC is decentralized. DFC is scalable. DFC solves problems. DFC is usable. DFC has demand. DFC is limited in supply. What more can beat DFC?

What can you do with DFC?

DFC can be used for the following applications on our platform:

We have executed and stretched the domains of cryptocurrency beyond sole financial transactions. We have molded generic blockchains for specific use cases with a lightweight and easy-to-customize implementation. Real-world use cases on our platform have seen us develop applications into digital marketing (check out top token hub @ https://toptokenhub.com), healthcare, transportation, logistics, and multilevel marketing. These do not only involve blockchain technology but also require user interaction. With our ability to create more transparency while saving business time and money, and giving them real value, our ecosystem is impacting a variety of sectors in ways only thought possible in literature.

Aside from the usual and popular applications of cryptocurrencies, do you know about the novel Token Farming? It is the first of its kind and it exists only on DeFiConnect.

Token Farming

DeFiConnect has created a beautiful business module for analog after farming where you get to plant DFC tokens as seeds. You begin to reap the yields as the extra bucks stream in; 2.53% daily depending on the holding of the token in the ecosystem which can be harvested at a cap of 190% of your seed token. The daily percentage return reduces with increasing circulating supply.

You can be sure of one thing and that these various areas of application create demand for the token. Once the demand is established, every other element falls in place.

We sail beyond the moon!!!




A beginner’s first step into the DeFi space. Real-world application of DeFi in healthcare, transportation, and logistics! https://deficonnect.tech/,