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Starting from this Saturday the 5th February 2022, we are releasing NFTs bit by bit then incorporating auction sales where the highest bidder owns the NFT in the end. Ten (10) new NFTs will be released every Saturday and the auction will begin.


· Buy $DFC via our marketplace e.g. Bitrue, Bitmart, Hotbit, Pancakeswap, and Latoken exchanges etc.

· Ten (10) NFTs will be released every Saturday.

· Auction takes place on Saturday: highest bidder win the NFT.

DELTA7 is a virtual world on metaverse that allows gaming and earning. It utilizes the Deficonnect block chain using DFC as the platform token. On this metaverse world built by Deficonnect, players can build, own and of course monetize their experience as they play games.

Right before the owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg ever thought of announcing Meta, there have been an existence of metaverse which is the newest and most advanced version of the internet. Deficonnect is taking a step into this virtual world enabling users from the physical world to enter, purchase, sell in game items and earn by just playing games or simply holding unique DELTA7 NFTs coined from ancient African masquerades that are out of the box ideas showcasing an entire ecosystem with good functionality.

There are two ways to participate in the DELTA7 according to the Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Anthony, you can either hold DFC or mint her NFTs. Anthony also envisions a future where people decides what to do with their in-game items and characters. The system already incorporate a play to earn feature that rewards holders of the NFTs because if there is a use of your minted NFT characters, then there is a token reward for you.

We are aiming to take the lead in the mass adoption of block chain applications in the gaming industry by building a voxel gaming platform where DeFi and game interested individuals are able to play, share, collect, and trade without central control, enjoying secure copyright ownership with the ability to earn crypto currency (DFC). This crypto currency reward system will be established and guaranteed through the minting of NFTs, making sure every in-game item will have a unique and unchangeable rigid block chain identifier.

The games are designed with a highly acceptable mechanism for players to be entertained, while DeFi will bring income and sustainable ways to make money for users as long as they keep gaming. With DELTA7 players will have right to their non-fungible tokens (NFTs) displacing contemporary game makers like Terraria, Minecraft, Lego Worlds etc. Thereby rewarding their participation with our utility token-DFC. In the contemporary game market, there is limitation to ownership of user created or generated contents restricting users from generating an income or financial reward for their creations or purchase as the case may be.

Now, we have put together a more standard technique via DELTA7 which will bring you the most novelistic and not fabulist but familiar gaming episode under NFTs mechanism fascinating gameplay that every player can easily adapt to while still receiving valuable rewards in terms of earning real money

There is no single agent with the power to modify the rules of the software, economics of the currency, or prevent others from accessing the world as we boast of creating a world-class pan-entertainment platform based on block chain technology.

Website: https://delta7.deficonnect.tech/




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