Listing is a term used within the crypto currency space to explain a special phenomenon in which an exchange offers trading pairs for a particular asset. Simply put, a company’s shares are available to be traded on that particular stock exchange. When crypto currency projects are listed, it is of…

Now you can launch a competent Smart Contract-Based MLM, Crowd Funding and Referral Program on our Platform. Scale your business with our Decentralized Protocol that is secure, transparent, permissionless, and completely autonomous. Our most vibrant and fruitful community awaits to welcome you.

At DeFiConnect, we have developed an immaculate Smart…

The listing of DFC is currently in process on Latoken.

Furthermore, you get to benefit from this important stage in the digital life of DFC by participating in the Latoken Deficonnect (DFC) Airdrop

Simply follow the link and get earning.

You have a rare opportunity to EARN 213 Billion Tokens

Life can only get better with YOU and DeFiConnect


DeFiConnect has successfully introduced into the world of cryptocurrency and decentralized finance, a very hot trend hotter than Yield Farming, and it is called Token Farming. It is a raging storm sweeping gradually through the ecosystem. It offers Farmers (investors) harvest (rewards) for planting (locking) their crypto holdings in the…

You may be wondering what to make of DFC in the cryptocurrency sphere and whether it has a place in your portfolio. But if you’re not familiar with digital currencies or blockchain technology, this will be overwhelming and if you are not, allow the details to prick you.

Here’s our…


DeFi Connect is a revolutionized digital community of people that is more than just a business platform. …

DeFi Connect is a revolutionized digital community of people that is more than just a business platform. It is a blockchain and intelligent transaction platform that aims to provide hybrid benefits to its community members giving them all the benefits of cryptocurrency — decentralization, efficiency and security, and REAL-LIFE applications.

It gives me great joy to announce to you that the first application to be built of Deficonnect is LIVE.
Deficonnect have birthed Top Token Hub
A platform that contains a list of Top Crypto Assets. Users can upvote their favorite projects and earn DFC for doing so.
Project owners can use the…

We have decided to list DFC on a centralized exchange rather than on listing on DEX as earlier scheduled. We are doing this in order to bring in more benefits to all our community members while expanding the reach of the project.
We have started a discussion with Latoken and will bring in more updates soon.

In order to give more opportunity to very large members of the community that missed out on the presale, we have decided to review the sales price of the token downward so as to include as many members of the community as possible in the upcoming boom.
Starting from 25th of June to 5th of July, the price of DFC shall stand at 1BNB => 3,000,000,000 DFC.
Take advantage of this offer to bag as many DFC as you can while the offer lasts.

I am excited to announce the launching of our public sales. This is a new milestone, we are getting closer and closer to our listing.

The public sale price of $DFC is 1 BNB equals 2.28 Billion $DFC. This is 30% lower than our agreed listing price where 1 BNB…


A beginner’s first step into the DeFi space. Real-world application of DeFi in healthcare, transportation, and logistics!,

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